Ekta kapoor hot spicy show cleavage

Ekta kapoor | Tuesday, March 29, 2011 | 1 Comments
Ekta kapoor hot spicy show cleavage


  1. JAYANTA BHATTACHARYA06 August, 2011

    Hi ekta, your tele-progression in qualitative terms is indeed praiseworthy within the ambit of our indian television network.Your recent production 'BARE ACHHCHE LAGTE HAIN' is SUPERB, WELL CONCEPTUALISED and well casted.KUDOS!!! MY LIKING SOLELY RESTS ON MY SUBTLE ROMANTISISM and so suggest that ur next production should be named another hit'TUMSE MILNA,BATEIN KARNA ,BARA ACHHA LAGTA HAIN'LOVE JAY'YANT BHATTACHARYA.CALCUTTA.


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